PAS 911:2007 Fire strategies - guidance and framework for their formulation

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PAS 911:2007

Fire strategies - guidance and framework for their formulation

Status : Current   Published : August 2007



Notwithstanding the specific requirements of fire safety legislation, it is increasingly recognized that there is a need to ensure that proper and effective precautions have been taken to ensure that the potential threat of fire is, as far as possible, minimized and that any fire incident is properly, and promptly, dealt with.

PAS 911 Fire strategies – guidance and framework for their formulation is a brand new publicly available specification (PAS) that can provide a degree of uniformity in the preparation of fire strategies.   PAS 911 Fire strategies provides a recommended process that will encompass many of the key considerations and will lead to a document that is consistent in format and has the necessary level of detail to enable subsequent designs for fire systems and for the setting up of procedures for management of fire safety to be prepared in a complementary manner.

The recommended process given in PAS 911 Fire strategies includes:

  1. Determination of the design basis; A prescriptive or performance based approach?
  2. Seven input themes with possible considerations. These themes are:
    - Management and system audit;
    - Mandatory framework;
    - Objectives setting;
    - Risk and hazard assessment;
    - Building characteristics;
    - Occupant characteristics;
    - Practical issues.
  3. Strategy formulation.
  4. Six output sub-strategies with key headings. The sub-strategies are:
    - Fire policy statement;
    - Fire safety (management) strategy;
    - Evacuation strategy;
    - Fire and smoke control strategy;
    - Fire fighting strategy;
    - Fire protection strategy.
  5. Finalising the fire strategy.

Contents of PAS 911 Fire Strategies

1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Understanding the purpose of the fire strategy
4.1 General
4.2 Formulating the fire strategy – inputs and outputs
4.3 Competency to prepare the fire strategy
4.4 Involvement in the fire strategy
5 Determining the Design Basis
5.1 General Considerations
5.2 Prescriptive based design criteria
5.3 Performance based design criteria
5.4 Hybrid design criteria
6 Fire Strategy Inputs
6.1 General
6.2 Management and system audit
6.3 Mandatory Framework
6.4 Objectives Setting
6.5 Risk and Hazard Assessment
6.6 Building Characteristics
6.7 Occupant Characteristics
6.8 Practical Issues
7 Formulating the strategy
7.1 The formulation process
7.2 The unification of the components of the fire strategy
7.3 Consideration of options
7.4 Value analysis
8 Fire strategy outputs
8.1 General Considerations
8.2 The Fire Policy Statement
8.3 Fire safety (management) strategy
8.4 Evacuation strategy
8.5 Fire and smoke control strategy
8.6 Fire Fighting Strategy
8.7 Fire Protection Strategy
9 Finalising the fire strategy document
9.1 Format
9.2 Level of detail
9.3 Document control
9.4 Maintenance of the strategy

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Standard NumberPAS 911:2007
TitleFire strategies - guidance and framework for their formulation
Publication Date31 August 2007
DescriptorsFire, Fire safety, Means of escape from fire in buildings, Fire spread prevention, Fire detectors, Fire safety in buildings, Risk assessment, Fire risks, Firefighting, Business facilities, Administrative facilities, Occupational safety, Legislation, Technical documents, Management, Quality management
ISBN978 0 580 59381 9
File Size2.601 MB

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