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BS EN 12620:2002+A1:2008

Aggregates for concrete

Status : Work in hand, Current   Published : October 2002
Conformity to regulation : Designated



BS EN 12620 specifies the properties of aggregates and filler aggregates obtained by processing natural, manufactured or recycled materials and mixtures of these aggregates for use in concrete. It covers aggregates having an oven dried particle density greater than 2,00 Mg/m3 (2 000 kg/m3) for all concrete, including concrete in conformity with BS EN 206-1 and concrete used in roads and other pavements and for use in precast concrete products. BS EN 12620 also covers recycled aggregate with densities between 1,50 Mg/m3 (1 500 kg/m3) and 2,00 Mg/m3 (2 000 kg/m3) with appropriate caveats and recycled fine aggregate (4 mm) with appropriate caveats.

BS EN 12620 specifies that a quality control system is in place for use in factory production control and it provides for the evaluation of conformity of the products to this European Standard.

This standard does not cover filler aggregates to be used as a constituent in cement or as other than inert filler aggregates for concrete.

The key changes made to BS EN 12620 include:

• The implementation of CEN amendment A1:2008
• The implementation of CEN corrigendum May 2004, replacement in Clause 1 of Note 1, correction to Figure ZA.1 and Figure ZA.3

Table of Contents
• Scope
• Normative references
• Terms and definitions
• Geometrical requirements
• Physical requirements
• Chemical requirements
• Evaluation of conformity
• Designation
• Marking and labelling
• Annex A (informative) Illustration of grading requirements for most commonly used sizes for graded coarse aggregates
• Annex B (informative) Guidance on the description of coarseness/fineness of fine aggregates
• Annex C (normative) Reduced grading tolerances on producer’s declared typical grading for fine aggregate
• Annex D (normative) Assessment of fines
• Annex E (informative) Guidance on the use of aggregates in concrete
• Annex F (informative) Notes for guidance on the freezing and thawing resistance of aggregates
• Annex G (informative) Guidance on the effects of some chemical constituents of aggregates on the durability of concrete in which they are incorporated
• Annex H (normative) Factory production control
• Annex ZA (informative) Clauses of this European Standard addressing essential requirements or other provisions of EU Directives
• Bibliography

Standard NumberBS EN 12620:2002+A1:2008
TitleAggregates for concrete
StatusWork in hand, Current
Publication Date07 October 2002
Conformity to regulationDesignated
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 1097-1, EN 1367-1, EN 933-7, EN 932-3, EN 196-2:2005, EN 1367-1:2007, EN 1097-2:1998, EN 1097-8:1999, EN 1744-1:1998, EN 933-8, EN 1097-9, EN 933-10, ISO 565:1990, EN 1744-5, prEN 933-11, EN 1367-4, EN 933-4, EN 933-1, EN 932-5, EN 933-3, EN 1744-6, EN 1367-2, EN 933-9, EN 1097-6, EN 1097-3
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 13055-1:2002, 98/598/EC, CR 1901, EN 206-1, 89/106/EEC, 96/579/EC, 93/68/EEC, 76/769/EEC
ReplacesBS 882:1992, BS 1047:1983
International RelationshipsEN 12620:2002+A1:2008
Amended ByAMD 15333
Amendment, June 2008; Corrigendum, August 2004
Draft Superseded By06/30152179 DC
DescriptorsRoads, Construction materials, Concretes, Conformity, Aggregates, Quality control, Natural aggregates, Cement and concrete technology, Pavements (roads), Synthetic aggregates
Title in FrenchGranulats pour betons
Title in GermanGesteinskoernungen fuer Beton
ISBN978 0 580 63327 0
File Size688 KB
NotesThis standard has been reinstated after a decision made by CEN to introduce technical changes to the standard.

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