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BS EN 10079:2007

Definition of steel products

Status : Current   Published : April 2007



BS EN 10079 is a European standard that has been brought up to date to reflect the latest developments in defining how steel is supplied and purchased. It has been improved editorially to reflect the current style and presentation of definitions documents being used internationally. It defines the terms for steel products according to:

  • Shape and dimensions
  • Appearance and surface condition.

Although the products are generally defined independently of their end uses or manufacturing processes, it has sometimes been necessary to make reference to these criteria.

There are various classification systems existing in Europe but this standard only deals with definitions for steel products manufactured by, or used in the steel industry or by its customers.

BS EN 10079 provides guidance on the definition systems used in the former European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) Treaty as well as the Statistical office of the European Communities and of the Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System.

The entries that are presented in this standard have been ordered systematically, and have been grouped by steel products according to:

  • Shape and dimensions e.g. flat products, long products, heavy sections
  • Appearance and surface condition e.g. coated flat products, bright products.

BS EN 10079 also contains an alphabetical index.

All dimensions given in this standard are nominal.

BS EN 10079 Contents:

  • Scope
  • Normative references
  • Terms and definitions
  • Steel products and associated standards
  • Notes on the former European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC)
  • Definitions and Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) definitions
  • European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC)definitions
  • Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System definitions
  • Trilingual vocabulary
  • Bibliography

BS EN 10079:2007 replaces BS EN 10079:1993, which has been withdrawn.

Standard NumberBS EN 10079:2007
TitleDefinition of steel products
Publication Date30 April 2007
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 39, EN 10017, EN 10024, EN 10029, EN 10034, EN 10048, EN 10051:1991, EN 10051:1991/AMD 1:1997, EN 10055, EN 10056-1, EN 10058, EN 10059, EN 10060, EN 10061, EN 10067, EN 10080, EN 10092-1, EN 10092-2, EN 10106, EN 10107, EN 10108, EN 10131:2006, prEN 10138-2, prEN 10138-4, EN 10140, EN 10143, EN 10162, EN 10169-1, EN 10202, EN 10205, EN 10208-1, EN 10208-2, EN 10210-2, EN 10216-1, EN 10216-2, EN 10216-3, EN 10216-4, EN 10216-5, EN 10217-1, EN 10217-2, EN 10217-3, EN 10217-4, EN 10217-5, EN 10217-6, EN 10217-7, EN 10218-2, EN 10219-2, EN 10220, EN 10222-1, EN 10224, EN 10248-2, EN 10249-2, EN 10250-1, EN 10255, EN 10265, EN 10279, EN 10294-1, EN 10296-1, EN 10296-2, EN 10297-1, EN 10297-2, EN 10303, EN 10305-1, EN 10305-2, EN 10305-3, EN 10305-4, EN 10305-5, EN 10305-6, EN 10312, EN 10341, EN ISO 1127, ISO 1127:1992
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 10020, ISO 6929:1987, ISO 10241:1992, EN 10056-2, prEN 10138-1:2006, EURONORM 19:57, EURONORM 53:62, EURONORM 54:80, EURONORM 91:81
ReplacesBS EN 10079:1993
International RelationshipsEN 10079:2007
Draft Superseded By05/30114969 DC
DescriptorsSteels, Definitions, Terminology, Classification systems, Ingots, Castings, Sheet materials, Shape, Metal sections, Coated materials, Semi-finished products, Strips, Bars (materials), Wires, Pipes, Forgings, Sintered products, Powder metallurgy
Title in FrenchDéfinition des produits en acier
Title in GermanBegriffsbestimmungen für Stahlerzeugnisse
ISBN978 0 580 50483 9
File Size429.5 KB

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