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BS 3632:2005

Residential park homes. Specification

Status : Revised, Withdrawn   Published : June 2005 Replaced By : BS 3632:2015

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If you are involved with the construction or maintaince of any of the above, you need to be aware of BS 3632:2005 Residential park homes. Specification, which has just been revised.  

Since the last edition this industry has undergone considerable development in terms of size, services, equipment and materials used. The revision introduces technical changes to take account of present living requirements, following a full review of the standard. 

The standard covers the manufacture of residential park homes, for use as permanent places of residence.

Its requirements are intended to make park homes:

  • stable and structurally sound
  • weather-resistant
  • meet statutory requirements
  • with adequate ventilation, drainage, sanitation
  • with adequate means of escape
  • meet satifactory thermal and sound insulation criteria

The safe installation of electrical services and gas/oil-fired installations is also covered. Calculation and test methods are provided to determine the level of sound insulation and the efficiency of the fixed ventilation systems of park homes.

ISBN 0 580 46148 3

Standard NumberBS 3632:2005
TitleResidential park homes. Specification
StatusRevised, Withdrawn
Publication Date17 June 2005
Confirm Date01 January 2011
Withdrawn Date30 November 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS 476-3:1975, BS 476-7:1987, BS 715, BS 1188, BS 5410-1, BS 5440-1, BS 5446-1, BS 5482-1, BS 5493, BS 5608, BS 6206, BS 6262-4, BS 6700, BS 6891, BS 7376, BS 7449, BS 8417, BS 12056-2, BS EN 33, BS EN 37, BS EN 997, BS EN 50291, BS EN ISO 12944-2
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS 8233:1999, BS 6762-2:1991, BS 7671:2001, BS 5250:2002, PD 6484:1979, Furniture and Furnishing (Fire) (Safety) Regulations, 1988, Gas Safety (Installation and use) Regulations 1998, Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act, 1960, Caravan Sites Act 1968, Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, BRE Digest 369: Interstitial condensation and fabric
Replaced ByBS 3632:2015
ReplacesBS 3632:1995
DescriptorsMobile buildings, Mobile homes, Caravans, Housing, Design, Dimensional space requirements, Dimensions, Size, Doors, Windows, Means of escape from fire in buildings, Fire safety, Fire safety in buildings
ISBN0 580 46148 3
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