BS 4422:2005 - Fire. Vocabulary – BSI British Standards

BS 4422:2005

Fire. Vocabulary

Status : Confirmed, Current   Published : April 2005



Fire – Vocabulary

Executive summary

Terms specific to, and in general use by, fire protection agencies.


This British Standard defines terms specific to, and in general use by, fire protection agencies.

The aim of this standard is to provide a unifying document so that terms and their definitions can be used throughout the fields of fire and fire safety, so that, as far as possible, a given term will always have the same meaning and that a given concept is always expressed by the same term.

This British Standard does not include terms for which the standard dictionary definition is applicable. Neither does it include terms and definitions which are unique to any small specialized discipline within fire safety.

History and related standards

This British Standard supersedes BS 4422-1:1987, BS 4422-2:1990,

BS 4422-3:1990, BS 4422-4:1994, BS 4422-5:1989, BS 4422-6:1988,

BS 4422-7:1988 and BS 4422-9:1990, which are withdrawn.

This standard includes the following cross reference:

BS EN ISO 13943.

ISBN 0 580 45599 8

Standard NumberBS 4422:2005
TitleFire. Vocabulary
StatusConfirmed, Current
Publication Date21 April 2005
Confirm Date01 August 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS EN ISO 13943
Informative References(Provided for Information)Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone, Layer 1987
ReplacesBS 4422-1:1987, ISO 8421-1:1986, BS 4422-7:1988, ISO 8421-7:1987, BS 4422-6:1988, ISO 8421-6:1987, BS 4422-5:1989, ISO 8421-5:1988, BS 4422-2:1990, BS 4422-3:1990, ISO 8421-3:1989, BS 4422-9:1990, BS 4422-4:1994
Draft Superseded By04/30108795 DC
DescriptorsVocabulary, Fire, Fire safety, Fire safety in buildings, Explosions, Smoke, Firefighting, Structural fire protection, Fire alarms, Fire detectors, Combustion, Ignition, Flammability, Combustibility, Ignitability, Hazards, Fire risks, Means of escape from fire in buildings, Smoke control, Smoke extraction (buildings), Firefighting equipment, Fire extinguishers, Terminology
Title in FrenchGlossaire des termes associes au feu
Title in GermanBrandbekaempfung. Glossar
ISBN0 580 45599 8
File Size1.472 MB

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