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BS EN ISO 10012:2003

Measurement management systems. Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment

Status : Current, Under review   Published : April 2003



Measurement management systems - Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment

Executive summary

Requirements for management systems for measurement processes and measuring equipment.


This International Standard specifies generic requirements and provides guidance for the management of measurement processes and metrological confirmation of measuring equipment used to support and demonstrate compliance with metrological requirements, and improve measurement activities and quality of products. It specifies the quality management requirements of a measurement management system that can be used by organizations performing measurements as part of the overall management system, and to ensure metrological requirements are met.

This International Standard can be used:
• by customers, when specifying products required;
• by suppliers, when specifying products offered;
• by legislative or regulatory bodies;
• in assessment and audit of measurement management systems.

This International Standard is not intended to be used as a requisite for demonstrating conformance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or any other standard. Interested parties can agree to use this International Standard as an input for satisfying measurement management system requirements in certification activities.

This International Standard is not intended as a substitute for, or as an addition to, the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

Other standards and guides exist for particular elements affecting measurement results, for example, details of measurement methods, competence of personnel, and interlaboratory comparisons.

History and related standards

This International Standard supersedes BS EN 30012-1:1994 and BS ISO 10012-2:1997 which are withdrawn.

This Standard includes the following cross-references:

ISO 9000:2000 and VIM:1993.

Standard NumberBS EN ISO 10012:2003
TitleMeasurement management systems. Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date16 April 2003
Confirm Date16 July 2015
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
ReplacesBS EN 30012-1:1994, BS 5781-1:1992,ISO 10012-1:1992, BS ISO 10012-2:1997
International RelationshipsEN ISO 10012:2003,ISO 10012:2003
Amended ByAMD 14611
Corrigendum, August 2003
DescriptorsQuality assurance systems, Quality management, Measurement, Measuring instruments, Inspection equipment, Quality control, Standard measures
Title in FrenchSystemes de management de la mesure. Exigences pour les processus et les equipements de mesure
Title in GermanMessueberwachungssystem
ISBN0 580 41654 2
File Size1.121 MB

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