PD ISO/TR 15489-2:2001

PD ISO/TR 15489-2:2001

Information and documentation. Records management. Guidelines

Status : Withdrawn   Published : October 2001

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PD ISO/TR 15489-2:2001 is an implementation guide to BS ISO 15489-1, for use by record management professionals and those charged with managing records in their organizations.

PD ISO/TR 15489-2:2001 provides one method that will facilitate the implementation of BS ISO 15489-1 in all organizations that have a need to manage their records. It gives an overview of the processes and factors to consider in organizations wishing to comply with BS ISO 15489-1.


1 Scope
2 Policies and responsibilities
3 Strategies, design and implementation
4 Records processes and controls
5 Monitoring and auditing
6 Training
Annex A Reference tables to compare ISO 15489-1 and its accompanying Guidelines ISO/TR 15489-2
Annex B Comparison of ISO/TR 15489-2 Guidelines and ISO 15489-1


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Standard NumberPD ISO/TR 15489-2:2001
TitleInformation and documentation. Records management. Guidelines
Publication Date02 October 2001
Withdrawn Date15 June 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
International RelationshipsISO/TR 15489-2:2001
DescriptorsQuality assurance systems, Management, Management operations, Personnel, Information handling, Library and information science, Data management, Planning, Records (documents), Records management, Organizations, Documents
Title in FrenchInformation et documentation. "Records management". Guide pratique
ISBN0 580 38537 X
File Size1.735 MB
NotesThis Standard is withdrawn without replacement, following the withdrawal of the International Standard by ISO

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