PAS 2001 Knowledge Management. A guide to good practice
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PAS 2001:2001

Knowledge management

Status : Current   Published : July 2001



PAS 2001 Knowledge management. A guide to good practice

This guide examines knowledge management (KM) challenges, approaches and benefits with examples of good practice from industry, commerce and academia. It helps organizations of all sizes assess their KM approach and impact, through the use of good practice examples. PAS 2001 is one of the first documents to objectively and non-judgementally reflect all mainstream movements in KM, while also covering many emerging trends.

Key areas for practical implementations of KM are included, based on the authors experience and PricewaterhouseCoopers’ leading international reputation in this field. Managing the risk involved in knowledge management is also covered, highlighting the possible pitfalls, and the policies, standards and guidelines necessary to avoid them.

PAS 2001:

  • Provides an objective overview of latest KM thinking from around the world
  • Disseminates KM good practice to both UK and global audiences
  • Provides case studies of KM interventions
  • Presents KM concepts in concise and plain English
  • Provides details of alternative KM resources for users.

If you recognize the importance of knowledge management and would like to read more, then this guide is for you.

Contents of PAS 2001 include:

  • Glossary and Index
  • Why should organisations care about KM
  •  What is KM?
  • There is wide interest in KM in organisations around the world
  • What is the knowledge economy and why is it important?
  • Organisational challenges which require a KM response
  • How should organisations approach KM ?
  • Initial approach to KM
  • Establishing the right culture for successful KM
  • Aligning measurement and reward with KM
  • Managing content within a KM programme
  • Use and exploitation of knowledge
  • Roles and responsibilities in KM
  • How a KM-enabled organisation can evolve
  • Benefits anticipated from investing in KM
  • How to deepen client relationships through collaborative KM tools
  • How investing in KM can lead to more effective employees and teams
  • How KM can help lead organisations towards sustainable innovation
  • How KM enables continuous learning
  • How to benefit from sharing knowledge with all stakeholders
  • Moving towards a deeper understanding of KM
  • Alternative approaches to KM that organisations can adopt
  • How to find out more about KM
  • The KM educational market
  • Trends in KM
  • Getting started - tools to measure KM readiness
  • Links between KM and other important management disciplines
  • Links between KM and typical organisational functions
  • Links with other good practice guides and standards
  • References and further reading

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What is a pas?

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Within two years of the publication date a PAS is reviewed to determine whether amendment or revision is required or whether it should be considered for conversion to a formal British Standard.

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Standard NumberPAS 2001:2001
TitleKnowledge management
Publication Date30 July 2001
DescriptorsManagement operations, Management techniques, Management, Information, Library and information science Knowledge management
ISBN0 580 38412 8
File Size726 KB

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