Harnessing the power of standards

Make your documents or products more effective with standards content by:

  • Including standards content in internal documents, to provide access to best practice information
  • Incorporating standards information into online and software products, to provide dynamic information.
  • Employing standards in training courses, materials or online learning environments, to add authority.

You can trust standards content because it’s been through the rigorous standards development process.

That means a group of leading experts have formed the draft document, overseen by a project manager who ensures against conflicts of interest. The draft has then been made available for public comment. Only once feedback has been incorporated, and the material reviewed by skilled technical writers, can it become a standard.

Want to use standards content? BSI can provide you with a licence tailored to your situation.

A licence will usually lay out how you can use standards content, and how you can distribute that content. The cost of the licence will depend on:

  • The number of people you wish to make the content available to
  • The amount of content you would like to use

Get a licence tailored for:

  • Workflow integration
  • Training providers
  • Online subscription products
  • Translations

Talk to us about how a licence can help you:


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Multi-user Network Licence

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