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Please note: The dates given are for guidance only and may be subject to considerable change.

Standard number Standard title Expected publication date
BS EN 60404-8-6:2017 Magnetic materials. Specifications for individual materials. Soft magnetic metallic materials.
BS ISO 20410:2017
Tourism and related services. Bareboat charter. Minimum service and equipment requirements.
BS ISO 20729:2017 Natural gas. Determination of sulfur compounds. Determination of total sulfur content by ultraviolet fluorescence method. Nov-17
BS EN 3094:2017
Aerospace series. Sealants. Test method. determination of the application time.
PD ISO/TR 19057:2017 Nanotechnologies. Use and application of acellular in vitro tests and methodologies to assess nanomaterial biodurability.
PD CEN/TS 16931-3-4:2017 Electronic invoicing. Syntax binding for UN/EDIFACT INVOIC D16B.
PD CEN/TR 17113:2017
Construction products. Assessment of release of dangerous substances. Radiation from construction products. Dose assessment of emitted gamma radiation.
BS ISO 9123:2017
Hydrometry. Stage-fall-discharge relationships. Nov-17
BS ISO 23081-1:2017
Information and documentation. Records management processes. Metadata for records. Principles. Nov-17
BS ISO 6526:2017
Plain bearings. Pressed bimetallic half thrust washers. Features and tolerances. Nov-17
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