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Environmental and health & safety legislation changes all the time.  It’s complex, time-consuming and it’s vital that you keep up with it.

CEDREC can make it easy by providing expert, up-to-the-minute translations of legal jargon in English.

Easy to Use

CEDREC service is as easy to use as it is to read.  It is available online and is regularly updated.

Ideal for use as part of ISO 14001 or BS OHSAS18001, CEDREC is widely regarded as being the most accessible information provider in this market.

How it works?

CEDREC have 4 products that translate legislation into plain English.  They separately cover environmental and health & safety with versions for Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) and Northern Ireland.

CEDREC  will always provide you with written summaries of EC regulations, Directives, Decisions or Proposals.   

For Acts of Parliament, Statutory Instruments and Scottish Statutory Instruments and Statutory Rules, they supply summaries, overviews and the full text, which is regularly updated with amendments.

Benefits of CEDREC Online

  • Instant updates as and when
  • Horizon feature to see future subjects
  • Can be accessed / logged into anywhere with an internet connection
  • Can search in both legislation types at the same time if needed
  • The summaries are in plain English, all written by the same experienced team.  Key points are picked out and their implications are made easy to understand.

The user-friendly menu and search facility makes sure you find what you need quickly and painlessly and you’re free to cut and paste CEDREC material to your own documents.

The two types of legislation available are:

(CEDREC covers the following subjects for environmental legislation in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

  • Helps you comply with ISO 14001.

Air, Waste, Water, contaminated Land, Dangerous Substances, Noise & Nuisance, PPC, Environmental Permitting and Wildlife & Countryside

Prices for CEDREC Environment Online:

1 year access @ £900
3 year access @ £650 per annum

Health and Safety
(CEDREC covers the following subjects for Health & Safety Legislation in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

  • Helps you comply with BS OHSAS 18001

Management, Welfare, Work equipment, Hazardous Material, Work Activities, Employment sectors, Building & Premises

Prices for CEDREC Health & Safety Online:

1 year access @ £900
3 year access @ £650 per annum


What’s included in the subscription?

  • Unlimited access throughout the contract term
  • Auto updates as and when new legislation is released
  • CD delivery available, if required, with quarterly updates
  • Customer service team to help with any enquiries.

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