How to use the BSI Shop website

This section of Help provides information on how to use the BSI Shop website including:

Additional help
If you require additional help and support, please visit our Contact Us page for full details

Searching for standards

There are many ways to search the BSI Shop. If you have an idea of what standard you need, type in a keyword, standard number or ICS code in the search box at the top of each page, just under the dark grey navigation bar (as shown below). Then click ‘Search’.

Image showing how to search the BSI Shop from any page


You will then be presented with a search results page (as shown below).

Image showing a search results page and how to refine your search

You can filter the results by either clicking on the various search filter options on the left (as shown above), or type in your keyword in the search box (as shown below).

Image showing keyword search box

To conduct a brand new search, click on the x in the search box to remove the previous search criteria and terms, Then start the search process again.

Browsing for standards, products and services

Top navigation
You can browse the BSI Shop by using the top navigation bar that outlines products by type:

  • Standards
  • Membership
  • Conferences
  • Training
  • Books & CDs
  • Online tools
  • PAS (Publicly Available Specifications)
  • Affiliates
  • Distributors
  • Licensing

These tabs take you to pages that highlight popular and new products, and specific information relating to these areas of interest.

Left-hand navigation
You can also use the left-hand navigation to browse the BSI Shop.

Latest Releases – this provides a list of standards and publications that have just been published by BSI.

Popular Standards – when selected, this option gives an expanded alphabetical list of popular and bestselling standards such as ISO 9001 (Quality Management); ISO14001 (Environmental Management) and BS ISO 22301 (Business Continuity Management). Click on any of the standards to be taken directly to the product page for that standard.

Browse by Sector and Browse by Subject – these menus are already automatically expanded.  Select a sector or subject for information and to find the most relevant and latest standards for that sector or subject.

Adding to your shopping basket

Once you find the product you wish to buy in the list of results, you can add the product to your basket by clicking on "Add to Basket". Please note that if multiple formats of a product are available then the PDF version is automatically added to your basket. To see all versions for a product then you should select the product and view options on the product page.

Image showing how to add product to basket

For more detailed information about the product you can click on the standard number/title and you’ll be taken to its product page.

On the product page (as shown below) you can add the product to your basket, by clicking on "Add to Basket". Depending on the product you may also have a choice of formats, e.g. PDF or hard copy.

Image showing different format of products that can be added to basket 


Adding items to the basket puts them in "Your basket". 'Your basket' is on the right-hand side of all pages and will show the product(s) in the basket and their individual price, the total number of items in the basket and the total value of the basket (as shown below).

We recommend that you login to the BSI Shop before you start adding to your basket so that you can proceed to check out without any interruption.

Image showing the "Your basket" which appears on every page


Hard copy and soft copy standards and publications

The majority of standards are available as a PDF download (soft copy) and a hard copy. In some cases standards are only available in hard copy due to licensing and copyright agreements, the physical property of the standard such as colour charts and CDs, or because the website cannot fulfil certain requests suck as kits (bundled products).

Image showing how to choose product format

If you wish to change the delivery format once it has been added to your basket (e.g. PDF to hard copy), you’ll need to remove the product from your basket, return to the product page and select the alternative format.

Status of standards

As standards are continuously being reviewed and developed, it is important to know their status. The following list explains the different terms used to describe a product’s status in the BSI Shop.

Confirmed - the standard has been reviewed and confirmed as being current.
Current - the document is the current, most recently published one available.
Draft for public comment/DPC - a national stage in the development of a standard, where wider consultation is sought within the UK.
Obsolescent - indicating by amendment that the standard is not recommended for use for new equipment, but needs to be retained to provide for the servicing of equipment that is expected to have a long working life, or due to legislative issues.
Partially replaced - the standard has been partially replaced by one or more other standards.
Proposed for confirmation - the standard is being reviewed and it has been proposed that it is confirmed as the current standard.
Proposed for obsolescence - the standard is being reviewed and it has been proposed that it is made obsolescent.
Proposed for withdrawal - the standard is being reviewed and it has been proposed that it is withdrawn.
Revised - the standard has been revised.
Superseded - the standard has been replaced by one or more other standards.
Under review - the standard is under review.
Withdrawn - the document is no longer current and has been withdrawn.
Work in hand - there is work being undertaken on the standard and there may be a related draft for public comment available.

Product definitions
In addition to national (BS), European (EN) and international (ISO) standards, there are many different types of standards products available in the BSI Shop. Click here for the complete list of product definitions.

Withdrawn standards

You are not able to purchase withdrawn standards in the BSI Shop.  We need to ensure that you do not purchase a withdrawn standard by mistake because the standard is likely to have been replaced or superseded by a more up-to-date and current version.
If you try to checkout with a withdrawn standard in your basket, an error message will appear. To purchase a withdrawn standard please contact our Customer Services on +44 0345 086 9001 or email

Viewing your basket

Your basket and the products in it are displayed on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Image showing how to view the basket

By clicking on "Go to basket" (as shown about) you’ll be able to see full details of the products in your basketbasket (as shown below).

Image showing a basket page

The basket provides full details of what you are purchasing.  This includes product name and number, format, quantities and price.  At this point all prices exclude VAT – for more information please see our VAT page.

From the basket page you can remove items or edit the number of hard copy items in your basket. If you want to change the format of the product i.e. from download PDF to hard copy then you will need to remove the product from your basket and return to the product page and select the alternative format.

When you are ready to order, click on "Checkout Securely" and this will start the checkout process.

We recommend that you login to the BSI Shop before you start adding to your basket so that you can proceed to check out without any interruption.


During the checkout process you will be asked for your billing address (this will be the address that is registered to the credit card that you are using to make your purchase), delivery address, your VAT number (if applicable), and your credit card details. Where appropriate, VAT is added to your order total at this stage.

If you have not used the BSI Shop before, you will need to register – you will be redirected automatically to the login and register page (as shown below) when you click on "Checkout Securely". See help on registering and login for more information.

Image showing how to log in or to register 

Once you’re registered and logged in, you can start the checkout process.
If you entered contact details when you registered, these will be brought up as the default billing address (and delivery address if applicable) as shown below. You can edit these address or add new ones if you wish.

If you are purchasing any hard copy products, your billing address is also taken as your delivery address but you can change the delivery address if you need to. If you are ordering electronic/downloadable products, conferences or any other non-hard copy product, a shipping address is not required.

If you are purchasing soft copies, if applicable, please check that your organization’s firewall and policies allow downloads.

Once you’re happy with the details you should click "Continue". 

Image showing billing and shipping details

You will then be asked to enter your payment details and VAT number if applicable (as shown below). Your VAT number can also be added on the billing and delivery page.

Once you’ve entered your payment details, click "Continue to Order Verification".

Image showing payment details 

Your order summary will then be displayed (as shown below). At this stage, you’re still able to amend or cancel your order. If you wish to proceed without making any amendments, you must confirm that you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions by ticking the box. You should then click "Place Order".

Image showing order summary 


You will see a message while we process your order (as shown below). Please do not click back or close the browser window while your order is being processed.

Image showing processing order


If there is a problem with your payment details, an error message will appear and the order will not be processed. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

When your payment is successfully processed you will be shown the confirmation page. The page contains your order reference number, links to download all the PDFs that have been purchased, and an order summary (as shown below).

Image showing order confirmation


You will also receive two emails on the back of you purchase:

  • A confirmation of your order
  • An electronic invoice

If you have purchased products in an electronic format (PDFs), you will receive your receipt by email within an hour. For all other items, such as hard copy standards, books, membership or conferences, you will receive your invoice as soon as we have processed and confirmed your order, which can take up to 24 hours.

Please keep a record of your order reference number as it will help to identify your purchase in the event of any queries.

Download expiry

Downloads are available for 8 days from the time of purchase but we recommend that you download the document(s) immediately after purchase. If you try to download the documents after this time, you will receive a termination message.


Delivery dates for hard copy orders

Once you place your hardcopy order it will be automatically processed and dispatched within 48 hours.

For all orders being delivered within the UK your order will be delivered by Royal Mail Business Mail 2nd Class and will take 3-7 days.

For International delivery your order will be delivered via local post and will be delivered within 28 days.

Once you have placed your hardcopy order, you are able to track it’s status in 'My BSI / My Order History’ which you can access when you log in.
If your order processing encounters any delay, our Customer Relations team will contact you.
If you have any questions of feedback to share, or if you experience with any difficulties ordering online, please contact our Customer Relations team at: Email:,  Tel: +44 345 086 9001)

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