PAS 96 Guide to protecting and defending food and drink from deliberate attack

PAS 96 provides guidance to the avoidance and mitigation of threats to food and food supply. It describes a risk management methodology, Threat Assessment Critical Control Points (TAACP), which can be adapted by food business of all sizes and at all points in food supply chains.

It is intended to be of use to all organizations but may be of particular use to managers of small and medium sized food enterprises who may not have easy access to specialist advice.

The purpose of PAS 96 Guide to protecting and defending food and drink is to guide food business managers through approaches and procedures to improve the resilience of supply chains to fraud or other forms of attack. It aims to assure the authenticity of food by minimizing the chance of an attack and mitigating the consequences of a successful attack.

Contents of PAS 96 include:

  • Introduction
  • Scope
  • Terms and definitions
  • Types of threat
  • Understanding the attacker
  • Threat Assessment Critical Control Point (TACCP)
  • Assessment
  • Critical controls
  • Response to an incident
  • Review of food protection arrangements
  • Bibliography

Background to the development of PAS 96

The following organizations were involved in the development of this Publicly Available Specification:

  • Agrico UK Limited
  • Bakkavor
  • Cargill
  • Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra)
  • Food Standards Agency
  • GIST Limited
  • Global Food Security Programme
  • Heineken UK
  • Hilton Food Group plc
  • Sainsbury plc
  • Leatherhead Food Research
  • McDonald’s Europe
  • Raspberry Blonde
  • Tesco plc

What is a PAS?

A Publicly Available Specification (PAS) is a sponsored fast track standard driven by the needs of the client organisations and developed according to guidelines set out by BSI. Key stakeholders are brought together to collaboratively produce a BSI-endorsed PAS that has all the functionality of a British Standard for the purposes of creating management systems, product benchmarks and codes of practice.

After two years, the PAS is reviewed and a decision is made as to whether it should be taken forward to become a formal British Standard.

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