Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Facilities managers have responsibilities for providing, maintaining and developing many services. These range from property strategy, space management and communications infrastructure to building maintenance, administration and contract management. Facilities management includes space, infrastructure, people and organization.

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Key standards

Facilities management is an essential aspect of organizational success that is about recognizing the scope of responsibilities and creating a management structure which is appropriate to the needs of the organization. The core focus of facilities management standards is to provide a framework and criteria against which facilities management teams can be measured as being “fit for purpose” for the organizations that they serve.

Download the Facilities Management key standards brochure here

BS EN ISO 41001:2018

Facility management. Management system. Requirements with guidance for use.

BS 8572:2018
Procurement of facility-related services. Guide

ISO 41011:2017
Facility management. Vocabulary

ISO 41012:2017
Facility management. Guidance on strategic sourcing and the development of agreements 

BS ISO 44001:2017 
Collaborative business relationship management systems. Requirements and framework

BS 11000-2:2017
Collaborative business relationship management. Guide to implementing BS ISO 44001

BS 8536-2:2016
Briefing for design and construction. Code of practice for asset management (Linear and geographical infrastructure)

BS 8536-1:2015

Briefing for design and construction. Code of practice for facilities management (Buildings infrastructure)

BS ISO 37500:2014
Guidance on outsourcing

BS 8892:2014

Transition management of facility-related services. Code of Practice

BS 1192-4:2014
Collaborative production of information. Fulfilling employer’s information exchange requirements using COBie. Code of practice

BS 8544:2013
Guide for life cycle costing of maintenance during the in use phases of buildings

BS 8210:2012
Guide to facilities maintenance management

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