Knowledge management

An ordered knowledge management scheme enables organizations to capture and share knowledge across their operations efficiently. BSI is working with acknowledged experts, thought leaders and practitioners to produce guidance on knowledge management, enabling businesses, government and other organizations to make informed assessments and decisions about knowledge management. Read more...PAS 2001 coverPAS 2001:2001
Knowledge management

This guide examines knowledge management challenges, approaches and benefits with examples of good practice from industry, commerce and academia. It helps organizations of all sizes assess their KM approach and impact, through the use of good practice examples. PAS 2001 is one of the first documents to objectively and non-judgementally reflect all mainstream movements in KM, while also covering many emerging trends. 


PD 7500:2003
Knowledge Management. Vocabulary 



PD 7501:2003
Managing culture and knowledge. Guide to good practice  



PD 7502:2003
Guide to measurements in knowledge management 



PD 7503:2003
Introduction to knowledge management in construction 



PD 7504:2005
Knowledge management in the public sector. A guide to good practice



 PD 7505:2003
Skills for knowledge working. A guide to good practice




PD 7506:2005
Linking knowledge management with other organizational functions and disciplines. A guide to good practice



CWA 14924-5:2004
European guide to good practice in knowledge management KM terminology



CWA 14924-4:2004
European guide to good practice in knowledge management. Guidelines for measuring KM

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