IT network security

IT network security and equipment safety are essential for minimizing business risks and damage. BSI publishes international and European standards outlining best practice in these areas.

BS ISO/IEC 27033-1:2009
Information technology. Security techniques. Network security. Overview and concepts  

BS ISO/IEC 27033-2:2012
Information technology. Security techniques. Guidelines for the design and implementation of network security

BS ISO/IEC 18028-5:2006
Information technology. Security techniques. IT network security . Securing communications across networks using virtual private networks   

BS ISO/IEC 18043:2006
Information technology. Security techniques. Selection, deployment and operations of intrusion detection systems

BS ISO/IEC 18045:2008
Information technology. Security techniques. Methodology for IT security evaluation

Managing Security in Outsourced and Off-shored Environments. How to safeguard intellectual assets in a virtual business world

David Lacey

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Delivering and Managing Real World Network SecurityDelivering and Managing Real World Network Security

Robin Moses and Harry Archer

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Securing Email and Electronic MessagesSecuring Email and Electronic Messages

Hans Stiles 

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