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SD It’s funny, when you talk about Eurocodes so often what one focuses on is change, challenges, difficulties and I guess it’s natural, people want to know what’s different not what’s the same. People want to know what they’re going to find hard not what they’re going to benefit from. I suppose it’s inevitable having a discussion like the discussion we’ve had today that we’ll spend time talking about things that might be seen as negative. Positives, yes certainly I think there are positives, I think we’ve touched on some of the positives perhaps in some of the things we’ve spoken about. I think that the Eurocodes will promote understanding across the profession. I think they will make it easier for people to operate internationally. I think that they will open the door to more innovation. I think they will enable us to take advantage in developments in material technologies and structural mechanics that have happened over the last 20, 30 years.

I think that the way that the document is structured and the transparency, the consistency, the rational framework, the concepts which are largely honoured across the Eurocode suite, I think that that’s going to aide designers; I think that’s of benefit. One of the other things, coming back to the core of what we do, designers design structures and they design structures that are there to serve clients needs, they’re there to be safe and serviceable and durable.

In time, we mustn’t be too ambitious for this, I think that in the early years of Eurocode adoption clearly there’s going to be a degree of caution maybe and pragmatism and we may not see necessarily all of the economies that the Eurocodes could offer being taken up but I think in time, I think as we become better at using them, as we become more familiar with them and more confident in using them that then those economies that the Eurocodes can offer to us will be used and that that should drive savings on construction projects.

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