Steve Denton - Challenges with Eurocodes


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SD So what are people going to face in terms of this transition, what obstacles and difficulties are they going to encounter? I guess on day one if they come in at the Eurocodes from scratch the first difficulty is the volume of documentation and it’s not surprising that there’s a lot of documents, ten standards in 58 parts, the scope is broad. First difficulty is navigation I think, the second difficulty is familiarising themselves with the vocabulary and some of the changes and then just getting used to the technical differences and the difference in style and the difference in the expectation of designers. Those are the challenges that people are going to face.

One of the things that’s important to recognise though is that there are many of those difficulties, once you understand them, once you’ve learned a bit, once you’ve used the Eurocodes for a while, they tend to go away.

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