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SD        Sean Daly
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SD My name’s Sean Daly, I’m a structural engineer for solid structures, I run my own company.

IV How did you find the master class went today?

SD There’s a lot of information to take in, one of the best things about the course is that we got given free copies of the British Standards which Eurocodes themselves and that’s brilliant because we can go away from the course and actually use them straight away. We covered a lot of theory today and it’s something I’ll take away and start putting into action.

IV Do you feel you’re a bit more ready for the Eurocodes after today?

SD I certainly know the size of the challenge now and that was the problem before, I didn’t really have any idea about how much change would be involved but I’ve certainly got a grasp of it now.

IV What do you think your company will be doing going forward to use the Eurocodes? Is there a specific series that you need to use or is there more than one?

SD I’m booked on another two days and I expect over the course of the next few months and for the rest of the year, actually putting them into practice and hopefully get a bit more experience and there’ll become a time when eventually I stop using the British Standards and use the Eurocodes outright.

IV What do you think are the main differences between the British Standards and the Eurocodes?

SD Well we covered, in the first part of the course today, loadings and loading combinations. There’s quite a lot of difference there and I think that’s where the main difference occurs between British Standards and Eurocodes generally. There’s quite a lot of information to take in but it’s a case of now simplifying that down to how I put that into practice. So a lot of work to do still.

IV Would you recommend the Eurocode master classes to other people?

SD I would. I just run my own company, I’m a sole practitioner, I was looking around at other courses at the time and the problem is they’re only one day courses typically and I said to myself if I go on all these individual one day courses it’s going to take me ages to learn this stuff and by the time I’ve done one and the next one I’ve forgotten the information, so I thought the easiest way would be to do an intensive course. I would recommend it from that point of view, yes.

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