Chris Hendy - How to prepare for Eurocodes


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CH Chris Hendy

CH I think, certainly, there isn’t a one size fits all answer.  I think different sizes of business will require different approaches.  I obviously come from a large organisation with 18,000 staff so the approach that we’ve taken, which I would recommend to other large businesses, is to concentrate on getting a good geographical spread of expertise.  So, we’ve trained up, in advance, quite some time ago, a number of what we call Champions and we’ve really used our own internal training material to do that.  And, that’s got us in a good state of readiness so we are part really ready to roll out training wherever it’s required.  Because the one thing that you don’t really want to do is deploy training on staff and then have them sitting around for a year and not using the codes because the information doesn’t stick unless you are actively able to do that.

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