Why use biometrics?

Why use biometrics

Unlike the use of other forms of authentication, such as passwords or tokens, biometric recognition provides a strong link between an individual and a claimed identity.

One area where biometrics can provide substantial help is in guarding against attempts to establish fraudulent multiple identities or prevent identity fraud. By searching through the stored references, individuals who appear to have previously enrolled using a different identity can be highlighted for further investigation. It is very difficult to perform this type of check without the use of biometrics.

What constitutes a good biometric system is not a simple question because the answer depends greatly on the requirements of the application. Desirable factors include:

  • Accurate discrimination between individuals 
  • Speed of operation 
  • The ability to deal with present and future numbers of individuals 
  • Environmental robustness 
  • Ease of use 
  • Capable of coping with as much individual variability as possible 
  • Social acceptability, i.e. people are happy to use it 
  • Secure and robust against potential attackers.



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