About BSI Biometrics (IST/44 ) Committee

Biometrics standards are now being developed internationally. Input from the UK into their nature and content is provided by the BSI Committee IST/44 - Biometrics. IST/44 was established in June 2002 with responsibility for mirroring the international work of the ISO/IEC JTC1/ SC37 Biometrics Sub-Committee and representing UK interests in all such work. 

The IST/44 Technical Committee had its inaugural meeting on 16 Oct 2002 to determine UK input to and representation at the first meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC37 in Orlando, USA.

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC37 has already published many Biometrics Standards. The first major use of one of these Standards in a large-scale application has been launched in the form of UK biometric passports. Several more standards will be published this year.

This represents a major milestone for the Biometric industry and allows potential users of the technology to deploy Biometrics with confidence that the technology has reached maturity and can achieve global interoperability with similar systems from other vendors world-wide. 

IST/44 has the following Terms of Reference:

  • To act as the UK mirror for ISO/IEC JTC1/SC37 Biometrics, coordinating UK input and disseminating output

  • To monitor and coordinate UK input into European forums and committees in this area as appropriate 
  • To ensure that UK interests are fully represented and are influential within the ISO work and in CEN and EU forums 
  • To formulate a UK strategy for standardization in biometrics through a broad consultation with relevant stakeholders 
  • To develop and support formal standards and other standardization documents (such as technical reports and guideline documents) in the area of biometrics and to promote their use by government, industry and other potential users 
  • To pro-actively publicise the standards development work and the importance of biometric standards.


The committee, chaired by Dr Peter Waggett (Emerging Technologies Program Director at IBM) currently has members from approximately 40 organisations representing trade and industry associations, professional institutions, academia and several government departments/ agencies.  Additional members from stakeholder groups are always welcomed, and liaisons are maintained with a wide range of interested organisations.

How can you participate?
IST/44 is always keen to increase its membership in order to have broad representation from all stakeholder groups.

You can always find out the latest information about the IST/44 committee, its work programme and constitution by using the BSI Standards Development website

Further enquiries regarding the activities of IST/44 should be addressed to either:

the Secretary, Ms Anne Cassidy

the Chairman, Dr Peter Waggett

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