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Biometrics employed to enhance cloud security

26 July 2011

Posted by Samuel Couratin

A new system has been unveiled that is intended to enhance the security of private clouds and colocation.

Digitus Biometrics is working with private cloud specialist ScaleMatrix on physical and network access control systems.

Under the strategic partnership, Digitus is supplying technology to protect data centres within their perimeters, providing information about the person as well as the card that has been used to gain access to secure areas.

Systems use live fingerprint and proprietary encryption technology to provide "100 per cent accurate" identity verification at access points and replace proximity card readers, with security solutions created up to server cabinet level.

"Digitus Biometrics's packaging of world-class biometric access control and security gives us something timely and important to deliver to our customers," said David Orischak, chief executive of the company.

The firm provides a range of services, including disaster recovery, military security systems, collocation facilities, healthcare and education solutions.

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