PD 5500:2012 Specification for unfired fusion welded pressure vessels

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PD 5500:2012+A3:2014

Specification for unfired fusion welded pressure vessels

Status : Revised, Withdrawn   Published : September 2012

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PD 5500:2012. Unfired fusion welded pressure vessels

PD 5500:2012 is the latest specification for unfired fusion welded pressure vessels. It covers vessels manufactured from carbon, ferritic alloy and austenitic steels, aluminium, copper and nickel. PD 5500 applies to equipment designed to BS 5500 or PD 5500, in use outside of the EU or manufactured under the Pressure Equipment Directive. The specification will be updated every three years.

How does it work?

The PD 5500:2012 specification refers to pressure vessels connected to piping by bolts, screws or welding, as well as supports, brackets and other direct attachments. It applies to vessels that are subject to electrical heating or heated process streams, but not vessels exposed to direct heat or flame. The specification can be used with equipment and systems designed or manufactured to BS 5500 or PD 5500. And the 2012 specification is also relevant to pressure vessels in use outside of the EU as well as those designed and manufactured under the Pressure Equipment Directive.

What’s new?

PD 5500:2012 outlines the latest amendments to the specification up to and including those published in September 2011. It also includes details of enquiry cases and will be updated every three years. Your PD 5500 subscription includes free updates on further amendments. The start of the new three-year cycle will include updates and new enquiry cases. The three-year subscription to PD 5500 includes free regular updates as amendments are made to the specification.

Key 2012 revisions include:

  • Clarification of the use of subcontractors
  • Tubesheet minimum thickness requirements for large tube diameters
  • Clarification of the requirements for static head in the evaluation of test pressure
  • Revisions to the impact testing requirements of Annex D
  • Inclusion of a new enquiry case 5500/139 for the ISO 16528-2:2007 Conformance Tables.

Key features

  • Start of new 3 year cycle
  • Specifies requirements for design, manufacture, inspection, testing and verification 
  • Can provide a basis for vessel design and manufacture for PED compliance
  • Contains all amendments, annexes and enquiry cases made during last three years
  • Supersedes PD 5500:2009 which is now withdrawn.

Standard NumberPD 5500:2012+A3:2014
TitleSpecification for unfired fusion welded pressure vessels
StatusRevised, Withdrawn
Publication Date30 September 2012
Withdrawn Date30 April 2015
Cross ReferencesBS 21, BS 470, BS 1123:1999, BS 1400, BS 1449, BS 1473:1972, BS 1501, BS 1502, BS 1503, BS 1504, BS 1560, BS 1580-1, BS 1723-1, BS 1723-2, BS 2870, BS 2871, BS 2874, BS 2875, BS 2901-3, BS 2901-4, BS 2915:1990, BS 3059-1, BS 3059-2, BS 3072, BS 3074, BS 3076, BS 3451, BS 3500, BS 3601, BS 3602-2, BS 3603, BS 3604-1, BS 3604-2, BS 3605-1, BS 3605-2, BS 3606, BS 3643-1:2007, BS 3692, BS 3799, BS 3920, BS 4190, BS 4504, BS 4870-1, BS 4870-2, BS 4870-4, BS 4871-1, BS 4871-2, BS 4871-3, BS 4882:1990, BS 5046, BS 7608:1993, BS 7777-2:1993, BS EN 287-1, BS EN 287-2, BS EN 288-1, BS EN 288-2, BS EN 288-3, BS EN 288-4, BS EN 485, BS EN 515, BS EN 571-1, BS EN 573, BS EN 586, BS EN 603, BS EN 604, BS EN 754, BS EN 755, BS EN 876, BS EN 1011-4, BS EN 1044, BS EN 1092, BS EN 1290, BS EN 1291, BS EN 1369, BS EN 1371-1, BS EN 1435:1997, BS EN 1714:1998, BS EN 1759, BS EN 1759-3, BS EN 1759-4, BS EN 10002-1:2001, BS EN 10002-5, BS EN 10025-1, BS EN 10025-2, BS EN 10028-2, BS EN 10028-3, BS EN 10028-4, BS EN 10028-6, BS EN 10028-7, BS EN 10045-1, BS EN 10088, BS EN 10160, BS EN 10213:2007, BS EN 10216-1, BS EN 10216-
ReplacesPD 5500:2009+A3:2011
Amended ByAmendment, September 2012. Amends and replaces PD 5500:2012. Amendment, September 2013. Amends and replaces PD 5500:2012+A1:2012. Corrigendum, November 2013. Amendment, September 2014. Amends and replaces PD 5500:2012+A2:2013. Corrigendum, October 2014.
DescriptorsPressure vessels, Unfired pressure vessels, Fusion welding, Welding, Arc welding, Carbon, Unalloyed steels, Austenitic steels, Ferritic steels, Steels, Design, Production, Inspection, Verification, Pressure testing, Mechanical testing
ISBN978 0 580 84975 6
File Size38.62 MB

*To ask about withdrawn titles contact the BSI Knowledge Centre knowledgecentre@bsigroup.com,
+44 20 8996 7004
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