Requirements for Electrical Installations: BS 7671:2008 Incorporating Amendment No 1: 2011: IET Wiring Regulations

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BS 7671:2008+A2:2013

Requirements for electrical installations. IET Wiring Regulations. Seventeenth edition

Status : Current, Work in hand   Published : July 2011


BS 7671:2008 + Amendment1:2011 Requirements for electrical installations. IET Wiring Regulations. Seventeenth edition

Please note: When you buy this document: BS 7671:2008+A1:2011 (£80), you will also be purchasing Amendment No 2 (£5).  If you already have a copy of BS 7671:2008+A1:2011, please do not purchase this document. Please follow the link to purchase just Amendment No 2.

The IET Wiring Regulations Seventeenth Edition, BS 7671:2008, Amendment No 2:2013

The IET has now made available Amendment No 2 to BS 7671:2008, the IET Wiring Regulations Seventeenth Edition.

Issued on 1st August 2013, the Amendment comprises a new section: 722 – Electric Vehicle Charging Installations, based on HD 60364-7-722 (April 2012).

This follows the publication of the free corrigendum to BS 7671:2008(2011) which replaced section 710 – Medical Locations.

This amendment is vital for all involved in the installation of electric vehicle charging points.  The specific requirements include PME systems, socket-outlets and connectors, as well as external influences, isolation and switching and RCD protection.

All installations designed after 31st July 2013 are to comply with BS 7671:2008 Amendment 2:2013.


Corrigendum for BS 7671 2008 (2011)

BS 7671:2008 (2011) Corrigendum June 2013

BS 7671, Requirements for Electrical Installations, The IET Wiring Regulations Seventeenth Edition, takes account of the technical requirements of Harmonized Documents (HD) as agreed by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC).

HD 60364-7-710 Medical Locations was published by CENELEC in March 2012 and, in some cases, has differing technical requirements to those within BS 7671:2008 (2011).

JPEL/64, the UK national committee responsible for BS 7671, has therefore decided to issue a corrigendum to technically align Section 710 of BS 7671:2008 (2011) with HD 60364-7-710:2012. The corrigendum has been issued free of charge.

When undertaking the technical alignment process, the opportunity was taken to amend and restructure certain requirements, regulations and sentences to make it easier for the reader. The main technical changes have been indicated with a bar to the right of the text.

The document, BS 7671:2008 (2011) Corrigendum June 2013, will completely replace Section 710 Medical Locations in BS 7671:2008 (2011).

Please download your free copy: click here

What is BS 7671:2008 + Amendment1:2011?

BS 7671:2008 + Amendment1:2011 outlines IET wiring regulations and how to maintain technical standards in line with the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC). The guidelines cover all aspects of designing and installing electrical wiring and temporary or permanent power systems in buildings. It also covers safety engineering, ensuring you meet regulatory standards. BS 7671:2008 + Amendment1:2011 is applicable to all organizations in any industry.

How does it work?

BS 7671:2008 + Amendment1:2011 is the essential standard for electrical wiring and power systems in buildings. It outlines the testing and inspection procedure across a variety of locations and equipment including medical institutions and equipment, offices and computers, or maintenance gangways and electrical circuits. BS 7671 also provides a working guide to protecting against electromagnetic surges and using the correct electrical protection equipment. Working with the standard to achieve compliance, you can improve health and safety and emergency procedures.

Who should buy it?

  • Electricians and electrical contractors
  • Consultants, surveyors and architects
  • Local authorities.

What’s new?

BS 7671:2008 + Amendment1:2011 is the latest standard for electrical installations and includes amendments to IET writing regulations, compulsory from 1 January 2012. 

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Standard NumberBS 7671:2008+A2:2013
TitleRequirements for electrical installations. IET Wiring Regulations. Seventeenth edition
StatusCurrent, Work in hand
Publication Date01 July 2011
Cross ReferencesBS 1361, BS 1362, BS 1363, BS 196, BS 3036, BS 3535, BS 3676, BS 3858, BS 4177, BS 4444, BS 4573, BS 4662, BS 4727, BS 476, BS 476-12, BS 476-4, BS 5266, BS 5266-1, BS 546, BS 5467, BS 5499, BS 559, BS 5655, BS 5733, BS 5803-5, BS 5839, BS 6004, BS 6007, BS 6217, BS 6220, BS 6231, BS 6346, BS 6351, BS 646, BS 6500, BS 67, BS 6701, BS 6724, BS 6891, BS 6907, BS 6972, BS 6991, BS 7001, BS 7211, BS 7361-1, BS 7375, BS 7430, BS 7454, BS 7540, BS 7629-1, BS 7697, BS 7698-12, BS 7769, BS 7769-1.1, BS 7769-1.2, BS 7769-2.2, BS 7769-3.1, BS 7846, BS 7889, BS 7909, BS 7919, BS 8434, BS 8436, BS 8450, BS 8488, BS 8491, BS 8519, BS 88, BS 88-1, BS 88-2.2, BS 88-2, BS 88-3, BS 88-6, BS 951, BS AU 149a, BS AU 177a, BS EN 1648, BS EN 1648-1, BS EN 1648-2, BS EN 50085, BS EN 50085-1, BS EN 50085-2-1, BS EN 50085-2-3, BS EN 50085-2-4, BS EN 50086, BS EN 50086-1, BS EN 50086-2-1, BS EN 50086-2-2, BS EN 50086-2-3, BS EN 50086-2-4, BS EN 50107, BS EN 50107-1, BS EN 50107-2, BS EN 50174, BS EN 50174-1, BS EN 50174-2, BS EN 50174-3, BS EN 50117-4-1, BS EN 50200, BS EN 50266, BS EN 50266-1, BS EN 50266-2-1, BS EN 50266-2-2, BS EN 5
Amended ByAmends and replaces BS 7671:2008. Corrigendum June 2013. Amendment, August 2013
DescriptorsElectric wiring systems, Electrical installations, Electric power systems, Electrical engineering, Electrical safety, Safety engineering, Electric shocks, Electrical accidents, Fire safety, Electrical protection equipment, Low-voltage installations, Low voltage, Extra-low voltage, Voltage, Electric current, Electric load, Electric power transmission, Electric power distribution, Industrial electrical installations, Domestic electrical installations, Temporary electrical installations, Electrical equipment, Open electrical equipment, Protected electrical equipment
Title in FrenchSpecifications d'installations electriques. Reglements de cablage de l'IET
Title in GermanForderungen fuer elektrische Installationen. IET-Verdrahtungsregelungen
File Size4.177 MB
NotesThe current distribution agreement between BSI and IET regarding BS 7671:2008+A1:2010 does not allow for PDF purchases of this document. For BSOL customers, BS 7671:2008+A1:2010 is only available electronically through a subscription to the Wiring Regulations Collection. It is not permitted for BSOL Custom Collection subscribers to add BS 7671:2008+A1:2010 to their collections. There is a free of charge corrigendum published in June 2013 for this standard and is available either through subscription to the Wiring Regulations Collection or as a free of charge download on the BSI Shop

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