BS EN 50174 Part 1 specifies the requirements to effectively install and ensure the quality of IT cables
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BS EN 50174-1:2009+A1:2011

Information technology. Cabling installation. Installation specification and quality assurance

Status : Current   Published : July 2009



BS EN 50174-1:2009 + Amendment 1:2011 Information technology. Cabling installation. Installation specification and quality assurance

What is BS EN 50174 part 1?

BS EN 50174-1 specifies what is required to effectively install, operate and maintain Information technology (IT) cabling. This standard includes the most recent 2011 amendment.

Use part one of BS EN 50174 when you are in the specification phase. It addresses:

  • specifying the installation
  • quality assurance documentation and procedures
  • documentation and administration
  • operation and maintenance.

What does the 2011 amendment include?

The 2011 amendment includes:

  • a new normative Annex E on sampling plans and marginal results
  • simplified administration requirements, complexity installation and operational levels and minimum requirements for technical specifications and quality plans
  • technical changes to Clauses 4 and 5.

How will BS EN 50174-1 help me?

Use this standard and you will avoid the poor quality of service which is often due to:

  • lack of planning
  • use of inappropriate components
  • incorrect installation
  • poor administration
  • inadequate support that can threaten an organisation’s effectiveness.

BS EN 50174 series (also known as the EN 50174 series)

BS EN 50174 has three parts. This standard, part one, is for use during the specification phase.

BS EN 50174-2 and BS EN 50174-3 (parts 2 and 3) are to be used by personnel directly involved in the planning aspects (of the specification phase) and the installation phase. BS EN 50174-2 (part 2) is applicable inside buildings. BS EN 50174-3 is applicable outside buildings.

Standard NumberBS EN 50174-1:2009+A1:2011
TitleInformation technology. Cabling installation. Installation specification and quality assurance
Publication Date31 July 2009
Cross ReferencesEN 50173-1:2011, EN 50173-2, EN 50173-3, EN 50173-4, EN 50173-5, EN 50174-2, EN 50174-3, EN 50310, EN 50346, EN 60332-1-2, IEC 60332-1-2, EN 61935-1, IEC 61935-1:2009!, EN 62305-4, IEC 62305-4, CENELEC HD 384, CENELEC HD 60364, IEC 60364, IEC 60050-151:2001, IEC 60050-161:1990, ISO/IEC TR 14763-2-1, CLC/TR 50404, EN 50098-1, EN 50098-2, EN 60603-7, IEC 60603-7, EN 60721, CENELEC HD 478, IEC 60721, EN 60794-2:2003, IEC 60794-2:2002, EN 62305-3, IEC 62305-3:2006, CENELEC HD 60364-1:2008, IEC 60364-1:2005, EN 300019-1-1, EN 300019-1-3, IEC 60617, ISO/IEC 14763-3
ReplacesBS EN 50174-1:2001
International RelationshipsEN 50174-1:2009
Amended ByAmendment, June 2011. Amends and replaces BS EN 50174-1:2009.
Draft Superseded By07/30170221 DC09/30211750 DC
DescriptorsElectric cables, Communication cables, Fibre optic cables, Computer networks, Communication networks, Information exchange, Data processing, Installation, Telecommunication, Communication equipment, Telecommunication systems, Planning, Purchasing, Maintenance, Electrical installations, Acceptance (approval), Quality assurance, Conformity
Title in FrenchTechnologies de l'information. Installation de câblages. Spécification de l'installation et assurance de la qualité
Title in GermanInformationstechnik. Installation von Kommunikationsverkabelung. Installationsspezifikation und Qualitätssicherung
ISBN978 0 580 69501 8
File Size2.166 MB

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