Concise Eurocode for design of timber structures: BS EN 1995: Eurocodes 5

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BIP 2198:2012

Concise Eurocode for design of timber structures. BS EN 1995: Eurocodes 5

Status : Current   Published : April 2012



BIP 2198:2011
Concise Eurocode for design of timber structures: BS EN 1995: Eurocodes 5

Download a sample chapterStructural Eurocodes are a suite of design codes which will harmonize technical specifications for building and civil engineering works across Europe.

Their introduction in March 2010 required the withdrawal of more than 50 British Standards.
The change has been described as ‘the single most important change to construction standards ever’.  Going forward, it is expected that Eurocodes will not just dominate building design in the UK and mainland Europe, but also have a major impact on many other parts of the World.

For Consulting Engineers the transition in structural design procedures from a British Standard to the replacement Eurocode constitutes a major programme of work for any construction material.

Concise Eurocodes assists Consulting Engineers in this task, by providing a briefer and more accessible presentation of the design procedures associated with the relevant Eurocode under examination: 

  • It is laid out in the same Code format as the Eurocodes and maintains the same sections as the Eurocodes albeit with most sections being reduced in length.
  • It does not cover the less frequently used components as well as not addressing the more complex analytical techniques (e.g. second order effects).
  • It directly incorporates the Nationally Determined Parameters of the National Annex to the relevant Eurocode as well as some of the more important non-contradictory complementary information (NCCI).
  • It contains cross-references, from the BS clause to the associated clause in the relevant Eurocode (or its National Annex), EN 1990 (or its National Annex) or related Published Document.

Concise Eurocodes: Timber, aids engineers in their transition from the previous standards to the new Eurocodes, by providing a briefer and more accessible presentation of the key design procedures associated with EC 5 Timber.


Julian Marcroft is Chairman of BSI committee B/525/5 'Structural Use of Timber' and oversees the development of Codes pertaining to structural timber design, particularly the introduction of Eurocode 5 into the UK.

After several years in general Civil/Structural Engineering Consultancy, Julian has spent the last 20 years undertaking timber-related research and consultancy. His specialism is the development, optimisation and Certification of timber or wood-based products/processes for use in the Construction Industry. 


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Standard NumberBIP 2198:2012
TitleConcise Eurocode for design of timber structures. BS EN 1995: Eurocodes 5
Publication Date30 April 2012
Cross ReferencesBS EN 300, BS EN 301, BS EN 312, BS EN 335-1, BS EN 335-2, BS EN 335-3, BS EN 350-2, BS EN 351-1, BS EN 385, BS EN 409, BS EN 460, BS EN 594, BS EN 636, BS EN 912, BS EN 1382, BS EN 1383, BS EN 1990, BS EN 1991-1-1, BS EN 1991-1-3, BS EN 1991-1-4, BS EN 1991-1-7, BS EN 10346, BS EN 13986, BS EN 14080, BS EN 14081-1, BS EN 14374, BS EN 14545, BS EN 14592, BS EN 15425, BS EN ISO 1461
DescriptorsStructural systems, Structural design, Structural timber, Buildings, Structures, Construction engineering works, Structural fire protection, Fire safety in buildings, Fire resistance, Fire spread prevention, Fasteners, Walls, Floors, Combustibility, Mathematical calculations
ISBN978 0 580 69452 3
File Size5.758 MB

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