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BS EN 1515-1:2000

Flanges and their joints. Bolting. Selection of bolting

Status : Current   Published : February 2000



This European Standard is applicable to the selection of bolting PN designated flanges in accordance with the BS EN 1092 series and class designed flanges in accordance with the BS EN 1759 series. It specifies requirements for dimensions, materials and technical conditions of delivery for bolts, stud bolts and nuts.

The selection of the materials is based on commonly used materials. It covers all pressure and temperature ranges of the general service of standard flanges.

Standard NumberBS EN 1515-1:2000
TitleFlanges and their joints. Bolting. Selection of bolting
Publication Date15 February 2000
Cross ReferencesEN 1092, prEN 1759-3, prEN 1759-4, EN 10269, EN 20898-1, ISO 898-1:1998, EN 20898-2, ISO 898-2:1992, EN 24014, ISO 4014:1988, EN 24016, ISO 4016:1988, EN 24032, ISO 4032:1986, EN 24033, ISO 4033:1979, EN 24034, ISO 4034:1986, EN ISO 3506-1, ISO 3506-1:1997, EN ISO 3506-2, ISO 3506-2:1997, ISO 261, ISO 965-2, BS EN 20898-1, NF EN 20898-1, DIN ISO 898-1, ASTM A 307, BS EN 20898-2, NF EN 20898-2, DIN EN 20898-2, ASTM A 194, DIN 17240, BS 1506, NF E29-043, DIN 17240, DIN 17280, ASTM A 193, ASTM A 320, ASTM A 453, BS EN ISO 3506-2, NF EN ISO 3506-2, DIN EN ISO 3506-2, BS 4882, DIN 17440
International RelationshipsEN 1515-1:1999
Amended ByAMD 16534
AMD 16534 is a Corrigendum.
Draft Superseded By94/709823 DC
DescriptorsFlanges, Bolting, Flanged fittings, Joints, Pipe fittings, Selection, Bolts, Nuts, Designations, Steels, Temperature, Studs (fasteners), Classification systems, Dimensions
Title in FrenchBrides et leurs assemblages. Boulonnerie. Selection de la boulonnerie
Title in GermanFlansche und ihre Verbindungen. Schrauben und Muttern. Auswahl von Schrauben und Muttern
ISBN0 580 35750 3
File Size284.2 KB

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