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BSI Standards’ social media channels

BSI as a global company has many social media channels and accounts.

These are all managed from BSI Standards in Chiswick, London.

Join us:


You Tube

Watch interviews with experts and speakers from our events.

Follow BSIStandards on Twitter


BSI Standards
At BSI Standards you’ll find general news and information about standards.

BSI Marketing
Later this year BSI will publish a new standard about brand valuation. Before the launch in October you can join the conversation online.

Read updates about our biggest online product,  British Standards Online.

BSI Carbon Zero
BSI’s twitter account about sustainability and standards.

View BSIStandards's profile on slideshare


Here you will find useful brochures and presentations.


LinkedIn groups

Talking Business Continuity
Our group for business continuity professionals.

BSI Standards Network
Our group for all using standards, involved in developing them or have an interest in standards.



BSI Standards

Talking Business Continuity



Listen to podcasts with people involved in Standards development.

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