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Update: The world’s most popular standard is changing…

To ensure ISO 9001 continues to enhance an organization's ability to consistently provide products that meets customer requirements, the standard is currently under revision.

You now have the chance to view the developing draft and access the thoughts and comments of all those involved.

Be amongst the first to understand how the ISO 9001 standard is being revised and familiarise yourself with its transformation.

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Key Quality Standards

BS EN ISO 9001:2008 BS ISO 10008:2013 BS EN 9115:2013
BS EN ISO 9001:2008
BS ISO 10008:2013
BS EN 9115:2013
Quality management systems. Requirements Quality management. Customer satisfaction. Guidelines for business-to-consumer electronic commerce transactions Quality Management Systems. Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations. Deliverable Software (Supplement to EN 9100)
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Publicly Available Specification (PAS)

PAS 1010:2011 PAS 99:2012 PAS 223:2011
PAS 1010:2011
PAS 99:2012
PAS 223:2011
Guidance on the management of psychosocial risks in the workplace Specification of common management system requirements as a framework for integration Prerequisite programmes and design requirements for food safety in the manufacture and provision of food packaging
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Books for the Quality Sector

BIP 2206:2012 BIP 2013:2009 BIP 2189
BIP 2206:2012
BIP 2013:2009
BIP 2189
Quality in market research from theory to practice Understanding ISO 9001:2008 and process-based management systems (Second Edition) Quality service, competitive business Setting the standard in customer service
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