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Health informatics-IT applications in healthcare technology

BSI publications in the health informatics area (often referred to informally as eHealth and known formally as medical informatics) reflect the involvement of the expert members of its Committee IST/35 and its specialist panels. The purpose of the publications in this area is to reduce barriers to communication of information at all points throughout the work and data flows within the healthcare sector whether that be at home or in the most intensive of care settings. The publications range from high-level guides to health informatics to in-depth international standards reflecting global consensus. 

The publications are broadly from three consensus groups:

  • Great Britain (BSI)
  • Europe (CEN)
  • International (ISO)

However, the ISO and to a lesser extent CEN publications also reflect involvement of industry consortia and regional standards organisation the specifications of which have achieved global acceptance.

For convenience, though the actual boundaries are in reality somewhat blurred, the standards have been grouped into the areas tackled by the four longest established panels of IST/35:

  • Information models and data interchange structures
  • Terminology and knowledge representation
  • Security, safety and quality
  • Technology for interoperability of medical devices

These panels are coordinated by Committee IST/35 and a new panel has recently been established to work on matters related to prescribing and pharmacy business.

BS EN ISO 27799:2008
Health informatics. Information security management in health using ISO/IEC 27002

BS EN 13606-1:2007
Health informatics. Electronic health record communication. Reference model

BS ISO 13606-2:2008
Health informatics. Electronic health record communication. Archetype interchange specification

BS EN 13606-3:2008
Health informatics. Electronic health record communication. Reference archetypes and term lists

PD ISO/TR 21730:2007
Health informatics. Use of mobile wireless communication and computing technology in healthcare facilities. Recommendations for electromagnetic compatibility (management of unintentional electromagnetic interference) with medical devices

BS EN 13606-4:2007
Health informatics. Electronic health record communication. Security

BS EN ISO 21549-5:2008
Health informatics. Patient healthcard data. Identification data

BS EN ISO 21549-6:2008
Health informatics. Patient healthcard data. Administrative data

BS ISO 17090-1:2008
Health informatics. Public key infrastructure. Overview of digital certificate services

BS ISO 17090-2:2008
Health informatics. Public key infrastructure. Certificate profile

BS ISO 17090-3:2008
Health informatics. Public key infrastructure. Policy management of certification authority

Also available:

BS EN 80001-1:2011
Application of risk management for IT-networks incorporating medical devices. Roles, responsibilities and activities

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