The Green Deal

Green deal

What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal is a significant part of the UK government’s strategy for improving the energy performance of existing buildings, whether domestic or commercial, by retrofitting energy efficient products or systems. Under this scheme, although they may be asked to make a contribution towards the cost of an initial survey, property owners will not pay any upfront costs for the installation, but will instead pay for these improvements through their energy bills over the lifetime of the products. The funding is being financed through the Green Deal Bank and the liability for the debt lies with the property and not the individual.AS 2030 edition two now available

How can we help?

We worked with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to produce a specification, known technically as PAS 2030. It sets out requirements that installers will follow to ensure that the installation of new energy efficiency measures related to the Green Deal scheme are completed properly. PAS 2030 is a mandatory document to be used in the installation of energy efficiency measures under the Green Deal.

PAS 2030 addresses topics such as installation methods and quality control, installer operative competence, equipment, inspections, handover and corrective action procedures.  It has been developed by an expert working group bringing together the views of government, trade associations relating to the construction, building, energy and manufacturing sectors, businesses and consumers.

There is a new version of PAS 2030 out for 2014

The new revision PAS 2030 now makes provision for cavity wall insulation in party-walls (Annex B1), replacement insulating glass units (Annex B3), flexible thermal linings (new Annex B12), low energy circulator pumps, low temperature radiators and fan convectors (Annex B6) and high heat retention storage heaters (Annex D1).

In all the measure specific annexes, Route 2 to demonstrating required competencies has been regularized by identifying the mapping of equivalent courses as being the responsibility of the relevant skills/ standards setting bodies rather than the Oversight Body.

In the main text, changes are in the main matters of clarification or simplification although in Clause 5. there are notable changes to requirements for the pre-installation survey (5.2.1) and further adjustment of requirements re safety alarms (5.2.2). Other adjustments have been made to 5.4.3, 5.5, 5.6, 5.8, 5.9.

As part of the British Government’s Green Deal initiative, all installers will have to be certified to PAS 2030 so get access to the document today.

What will you get when you buy PAS 2030 from us?

Each purchase of PAS 2030 will include 12 months’ access to PAS 2030 Online, BSI’s dedicated digital service, which comprises access to the standard and subsequent updates. A PDF of the full standard is available within the service, where it can be accessed, downloaded and printed easily. Relevant sections of the PAS can be bookmarked for easy access and printing.

Please note that we can no longer provide printed copies of PAS 2030. With the revision of PAS 2030 (2012) to PAS 2030 (2014) now is your opportunity to continue to stay up-to-date through PAS 2030 Online. 

How to buy PAS 2030:*

To purchase a single licence for PAS 2030 Online, visit PAS 2030:2014 Online - Single Licence

Need more than one licence?

Bundle purchases

You can also buy multiple licences for PAS 2030 Online. This provides access to the system for three, five or ten individual users.

To purchase 3 licences for PAS 2030 Online, visit PAS 2030:2014 Online 3 Licences

To purchase 5 licences for PAS 2030 Online, visit PAS 2030:2014 Online 5 Licences

To purchase 10 licences for PAS 2030 Online, visit PAS 2030:2014 Online 10 Licences

Bulk purchases

If you require more than 10 licences, please contact:

Roland Jones | 020 8996 7884 |

Already bought PAS 2030?

If you’ve bought a copy of PAS 2030 within the past 12 months, you already have access to PAS 2030 Online. You will receive an email to notify you during your subscription of any updates.

Following your recent purchase you should have received an email containing instructions for how to access the system. If you need a reminder of your access details, please visit PAS 2030 Online and use the form provided.

* Once you receive your online access (which may take up to 48 hours) you will be able to download your PDF immediately.


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