World Quality Day

World Quality Day is a chance for professionals and organizations around the world to raise awareness of how quality approaches can make a tangible impact on business.  World Quality Day is celebrated during European Quality Week on the second Thursday in November each year.

Quality is a continual process, which encompasses reliability, integrity, delivery and risk.  It is aimed at improving the level of products and services that the customer receives.  The organization and its stakeholders can expect to see benefits as a result of improved value for the customer.
Organizations can help secure their future by committing to a process of continual improvement and introducing a quality management system (QMS) such as ISO 9001, or by adopting the new process of conformity assessment.  World Quality Day is the perfect opportunity to explore BSI British Standards’ wide range of quality management standards and related products.

BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.
Requirements identifies the eight quality management principles that can be used by senior managers to lead an organization towards improved performance. The principles are:

  • Continual improvement

  • Customer focus

  • Factual approach to decision-making

  • Involvement of people

  • Leadership

  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

  • Process approach

  • Systems approach to management.

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