Eurocode: Basis of structural design

BS EN 1990:2002

BS EN 1990 is the head document in the Eurocodes suite. It describes the principles and requirements for safety, serviceability and durability. It also provides the basis and general principles for the structural design and verification of buildings and civil engineering works (including geotechnical aspects). It is the first operational 'material-independent' design code.

BS EN 1990 will need to be used with all the other Eurocodes for design.

In BS EN 1990, the basic principles of structural design have been harmonised for European Community member states and, more importantly, for the principal construction materials (concrete, steel, masonry, timber, aluminium) and disciplines (fire, geotechnics, earthquake, bridge design etc.).

BS EN 1990:2002

Basis of structural design
This base Eurocode should be used with all other Eurocodes

National Annex to BS EN 1990:2002

Essential to use with BS EN 1990

PP 1990:2004
Guide to the structural
Eurocodes for students of structural design


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Please note Eurocode: Basis of structural design replaces BS 5400-1 and BS 5400-2

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