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BS EN 693:2001+A2:2011

Machine tools. Safety. Hydraulic presses

Status : Current   Published : August 2001



BS EN 693:2001+A2:2011 Machine tools. Safety. Hydraulic presses

BS EN 693 specifies technical safety requirements and measures to be adopted by persons undertaking the design, manufacture and supply of hydraulic presses which are intended to work cold metal or material partly of cold metal.

BS EN 693 also covers presses, whose primary intended use is to work cold metal, which are to be used in the same way to work other sheet materials (such as cardboard, plastic, rubber or leather), and metal powder.

BS EN 693 presumes access to the press from all directions, and deals with the hazards. It specifies safety measures for both the operator and other exposed persons.

BS EN 693 also applies to ancillary devices which are an integral part of the press. For the safeguarding of integrated manufacturing systems using presses, see also BS ISO 11161.

BS EN 693 does not cover machines whose principal designed purpose is:

  • Sheet metal cutting by guillotine
  • Attaching a fastener, e.g. riveting, stapling or stitching
  • Bending or folding
  • Straightening
  • Turret punch pressing
  • Extruding
  • Drop forging or drop stamping
  • Compaction of metal powder
  • Single purpose punching machines designed exclusively for profiles, e.g. for the construction industry.

Contents of BS EN 693:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Scope
  • Normative references
  • Terms and definitions
  • List of hazards
  • Safety requirements and measures
  • Introduction
  • Basic design considerations
  • Mechanical hazards in the tools area
  • The control and monitoring system
  • Toolsetting, trial strokes, maintenance and lubrication
  • Mechanical hazards - Other
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Protection against other hazards
  • Verification of the safety requirements and/or measures
  • Information for use
  • Marking
  • Instruction handbook
  • Calculation of minimum safety distances
  • The response time of the hydraulic system
  • Closed tools
  • Interlocking devices associated with guards
  • Electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE) using active opto-electronic protective devices (AOPDs)
  • Conditions for noise measurement of hydraulic presses
  • The connection of the stopping time measurement equipment
  • Relationship between this European Standard and the Essential
  • Requirements of EU Directive 98/37/EC amended by Directive 98/79/EC
  • Relationship between this European Standard and the Essential Requirements of EU Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Bibliography


Standard NumberBS EN 693:2001+A2:2011
TitleMachine tools. Safety. Hydraulic presses
Publication Date15 August 2001
Cross ReferencesEN 292-1:1991, EN 292-2:1991, EN 294:1992, EN 349:1993, EN 418:1992, EN 563:1994, EN 574:1996, EN 614-1:1995, EN 626-1:1994, EN 842:1996, EN 894-2:1997, EN 894-3:2000, EN 953:1997, EN 954-1:1996, EN 982:1996, EN 983:1996, EN 999:1998, prEN 1005-2:1993, EN 1037:1995, EN 1050:1996, EN 1088:1995, EN 1127-1:1997, EN 1299:1997, EN ISO 3746:1995, ISO 3746:1995, EN ISO 4871:1996, ISO 4871:1996, ISO 11161:1994, EN ISO 11202:1995, ISO 11202:1995, ISO/TR 11688-1:1995, EN 60204-1:1997, IEC 60204-1:1992, EN 61310-2:1995, IEC 61310-2:1995, EN 61496-1:2004, IEC 61496-1:2004, prEN 61496-2:1997, IEC 61496-2:1997, prEN ISO 14122-1:1999, prEN ISO 14122-2:1999, prEN ISO 14122-3:1999, prEN ISO 14122-4:1999, prEN ISO 14738:2000, prEN 1005-4:1998, prEN 12464, ISO/CD 230-5, EN 10130, 2006/42/EC
International RelationshipsEN 693:2001
Amended ByAmendment, May 2009. Amends and replaces BS EN 693:2001. Amendment, October 2011. Amends and replaces BS EN 693:2001+A1:2009.
Draft Superseded By08/30174731 DC92/70095 DC
DescriptorsMachine tools, Equipment safety, Hydraulic presses, Metalworking machines, Hazards
Title in FrenchMachines-outils. Sécurité. Presses hydrauliques
Title in GermanWerkzeugmaschinen. Sicherheit. Hydraulische Pressen
ISBN978 0 580 73131 0
File Size1.196 MB

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