BS 7671:1992 - Requirements for electrical installations. IEE Wiring Regulations. Sixteenth edition

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BS 7671:1992

Requirements for electrical installations. IEE Wiring Regulations. Sixteenth edition

Status : Revised, Withdrawn   Published : December 1992 Replaced By : BS 7671:2001

*To ask about withdrawn titles contact the BSI Knowledge Centre,
+44 20 8996 7004

Standard NumberBS 7671:1992
TitleRequirements for electrical installations. IEE Wiring Regulations. Sixteenth edition
StatusRevised, Withdrawn
Publication Date15 December 1992
Withdrawn Date01 January 2002
Cross ReferencesBS 31, BS 67, BS 88:Part 2, BS 88:Part 6, BS 196, BS 476:Part 4, BS 476:Part 5, BS 476:Part 23, BS 546, BS 559, BS 646, BS 731:Part 1, BS 951, BS 1361, BS 1362, BS 1363:Part 1, BS 1363:Part 2, BS 1363:Part 3, BS 1363:Part 4, BS 1710, BS 2754, BS 2848, BS 3036, BS 3456:Part 201, BS 3535:Part 1, BS 3535:Part 2, BS 3676:Part 1, BS 3858, BS 3871:Part 1, BS 3939, BS 4293, BS 4363, BS 4444, BS 4491, BS 4568, BS 4573, BS 4607, BS 4678, BS 4727, BS 5042, BS 5266, BS 5345, BS 5467, BS 5490, BS 5518, BS 5593, BS 5655, BS 5733, BS 5839, BS 6004, BS 6007, BS 6053, BS 6099:Part 1, BS 6099:Section 2.2, BS 6141, BS 6207, BS 6231, BS 6346, BS 6351:Part 1, BS 6351:Part 2, BS 6351:Part 3, BS 6387, BS 6458:Section 2.1, BS 6480, BS 6500, BS 6651, BS 6701:Part 1, BS 6724, BS 6765:Part 3, BS 6883, BS 6972, BS 6991, BS 7001, BS 7071, BS 7211, BS 7288, BS 7430, BS 7454, BS 7629, BS EN 60073, BS EN 60238, BS EN 60309, BS EN 60309-1, BS EN 60309-2, BS EN 60335-2-53, BS EN 60439-1, BS EN 60439-2, BS EN 60439-4, BS EN 60570, BS EN 60898, BS EN 60947-1, BS EN 60947-2, BS EN 60947-3, BS EN 60947-4-1, BS EN 60950, BS EN 61008-1, BS E
Replaced ByBS 7671:2001
Amended ByAMD 8536
AMD 9781
AMD 10983
Amendment No 2 version may not be used for design purposes after 31 December 2001.
Draft Superseded By97/202233 DC
DescriptorsElectric wiring systems, Electrical installations, Electric power systems, Electrical engineering, Electrical safety, Safety engineering, Electric shocks, Electrical accidents, Fire safety, Electrical protection equipment, Low-voltage installations, Low voltage, Extra-low voltage, Voltage, Electric current, Electric load, Electric power transmission, Electric power distribution, Industrial electrical installations, Domestic electrical installations, Temporary electrical installations, Electrical equipment, Open electrical equipment, Protected electrical equipment, Electric motors, Transformers, Isolating transformers, Electric control equipment, Overload protection, Overcurrent protection, Fuses, Fuse elements, Fuse-links, Earth-leakage circuit-breakers, Lightning conductors, Earthing, Earth electrodes, Earth conductors, Neutral conductors, Switchgear, Bus-bars, Circuit-breakers, Operating time, Miniature circuit-breakers, Overcurrent circuit-breakers, Breaking capacity, Electrical components, Electric conductors, Flexible conductors, Rigid conductors, Colour codes, Electric wires, Electric cables, Flexible cables, Rigid cables, Insulated cables, Cable cores, Cable sheaths, Electric conduits, Electrical insulation, Circuits, Circuit diagrams, Classification systems, Mathematical calculations, Street furniture, Camping sites, Building sites, Reports, Electric contact protection, Selection, Marking, Instructions for use, Inspection, Installation, Copper, Aluminium
Title in FrenchSpecifications d installations electriques. Reglements de cablage de l'IEE. Seizieme edition
Title in GermanForderungen fuer elektrische Installationen. IEE-Verdrahtungsregelungen
ISBN0 85296 557 5
File Size0 KB
NotesBSI regrets that we are unable to provide this version of BS 7671 in electronic format as part of BSOL module 81.

*To ask about withdrawn titles contact the BSI Knowledge Centre,
+44 20 8996 7004
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