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BSI has a network of authorised distributors throughout the UK and overseas.  These distributors are under agreement with BSI to sell our products to their customer base. Some distributors specialise in defined sectors such as sustainability or security, whilst others cover the wider general market with the complete range of BSI products. To assist distributors in generating revenue from sales, there are healthy discounts available, supported by regular standard data updates and specialist newsletters.

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Tools for distributors

Special sales

Bulk purchase of standards and books are available at healthy discounts.


Co-Branding allows customers who wish to make a bulk purchase of books or standards to demonstrate the importance of standards to their business by adding their company logo and specific content such as a bespoke foreword.


  • Demonstrates your association with the BSI global brand adding integrity and quality to your own brand
  • Provides your organization with a high quality marketing tool
  • Promotes your use of and association with Standards

Custom Publishing

Provides the opportunity for all organizations, from SMEs to large corporations to collaborate with BSI, in developing bespoke publications unique to them. This can be adapted to any sector of industry from BCM to lift installations, ranging from A4 size to handy pocketbook reference manuals. Content can be adapted to your organization and branded accordingly.


  • A publication uniquely branded to your organization
  • A range of sizes that can be adapted for ease of use by your employees
  • A high quality marketing tool for use in promoting your organization.

For more information on how to become a distributor, or to place an order:

Tel +44 345 086 9001

Fax +44 20 8996 7512


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